| Brand Guidelines v1.2 — July 1st, 2019


The most relevant keywords that should be associated with the brand, in no particular order.

  • Radical
  • Creative
  • Playful
  • User-friendly
  • Straight-forward
  • Clean
  • Distinctive
  • Business-focused


The Moodboard contains a collection of images the can be associated with the industry and the lifestyle of the target audience. It helps identify different colours and shapes with the aim of narrowing down a certain direction for the look-and-feel of the brand.

Creative concept

The midpoint between
business and creativity

This concise sentence is the unifying concept that guides the branding process. Unlike a slogan, this phrase is not necessarily meant for use in public communications, but it serves as a mantra when creating the logo, choosing a typeface, designing business cards, copywriting the website’s content, or developing any other touchpoint between the brand and the audience. The creative concept ensures that all elements of the brand will consistently convey a reliable and professional message.

The core concept of our identity is that we interpret our client's business and translate it into a creative expression that speaks to the client's audience.

This creative concept should be reflected in our brand and our visual identity.


The content expressed by our brand must be informative and engaging, proactive in the design community.


  • Professional
  • Straight-forward
  • Light-hearted
  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Organised
  • Positive
  • No-Frills



If our brand's character would be personified by any animal, it would be done by the swift, glaring, blubber jellyfish.

A small, humble organism with a simple, efficient body moving gracefuly. It's subtle opalesence and smooth rounded surface portray an ethereal, other-worldly look. Eye-catching, but nonchallant. Distinctive, but simplistic.





Polyfen is an abstraction of the term “Polyphenic trait”.

A polyphenic trait is a genetic property that allows multiple observable variations on organisms of a single species.

The different morphology and colour patterns on the shells of mollusks, for instance, are a polyphenic trait.

In the context of branding, our name represents all the diverse ideas that we explore during the creative process which result in a system of brand elements.

Name Architecture

Primary Brand Name: Polyfen
Preferred name alternative.

Fallback Brand Name: Polyfen Studio
Fallback alternative for brand touchpoints where the primary brand name is not available.

Business Name: Polyfen OÜ
Preferred name for use on all official business documentation.

Diminutive Name: Poly
Casual diminutive alternative for use only within the company.

Key Messages


We are a location-independent creative agency specializing in brand identity design. Our small and efficient team of experts from around the world is run by four partners with backgrounds in business, design, tech, and marketing.


Our services are a solution for executives working at new and emerging business who need professional guidance in translating their business into a creative brand identity that will stand-out over the competition and increase revenue.
First, we survey and understand the industry during the “Brand Research” stage. Secondly, we develop a “Brand Strategy” narrowing down a certain direction for the personality of the brand. Thirdly, we design the logo and all other visual elements comprising the “Visual Identity”. We then define norms of use in the “Brand Guidelines” to ensure that the brand will be consistent, reliable, and professional. Lastly, we develop all the “Brand ID Touchpoints”, the branded applications where the business interacts with the audience, including Email signatures, Business cards, Social media profiles, Letterheads, Website, and more.


Our owner-supervised business model allows us to run a small and efficient team of experts, which can offer high-quality brand identity design services at accessible prices.


We are a creative agency that specializes in designing brand identities for new and emerging businesses. Our small and efficient team of experts from around the world is connected by a passion to create unique, engaging brands.


A creative agency devoted to brand identity design.

Logo system


Polyfen IDEOGRAM_Indigo
Polyfen IDEOGRAM_White
Polyfen IDEOGRAM_Slate
Minimum Size Height Width
Screen 16px 14.66px
Print 5mm 4.58mm

The Ideogram is the visual representation of Polyfen's brand in its most basic and essential form. It's reserved for use exclusively on reduced sizes and square or circle-shaped canvases.

Polyfen's Ideogram represents the conjunction of two worlds, the world of business and the creative realm. The left hemisphere of the brain (analytical), and the right hemisphere (emotional).


Polyfen EMBLEM_Indigo_Negative
Polyfen EMBLEM_Indigo_Positive
Polyfen EMBLEM_White
Polyfen EMBLEM_Slate
Minimum Size Height Width
Screen 34px 99.83px
Print 7mm 20.76mm

The Emblem is the preferred visual representation of the Polyfen brand. It must be the first choice when chosing a logo variation, provided that the canvas is rectangular and the logo can be placed at an adequate size.


Polyfen WORDMARK_Slate
Polyfen WORDMARK_White
Minimum Size Height Width
Screen 18px 60.99px
Print 7mm 23.71mm

The Wordmark is the most basic logo variation for textual use. It's reserved exclusively for cases when the brand name must be written at sizes too small to fit the Emblem comforatbly.

Typeface selection

Primary selection


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Biotif is the preferred typeface for use in textual headings, buttons, and captions of all brand communications.

Preview Biotif

Freight Text

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Freight Text is the preferred typeface for use in body text of all brand communications.

Preview Freight Text

Secondary selection


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Lato is a support typeface for use in headings, buttons, and captions when Biotif is not available.

Preview Lato

Source Serif

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Source Serif is a support typeface for use in body text when Freight Text is not available.

Preview Source Serif

Tertiary selection


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Verdana is the Teriary or "System" typeface —available in essentially every computer— selected for use in all text when neither Lato nor Source Serif are available. Since email clients accept only system fonts, for instance, all emails should be set in Verdana.

Preview Verdana

Colour scheme

Primary hue


# 7537F8 117
/ 055
/ 248
/ 076
/ 000
/ 000

Indigo is the primary accent hue and must be used sparingly. It's reserved exclusively for buttons, links, and other important information.

Secondary hue


# 000345 000
/ 003
/ 069
/ 096
/ 031
/ 053

Slate is the secondary hue and can be used on backgrounds and other elements.

Tertiary hue


# F9F9F9 249
/ 249
/ 249
/ 001
/ 001
/ 000

Ivory is the tertiary hue and can be used for light backgrounds.

Visual language


The Pearls are a one of the trademark visual elements that identify our brand. They must be used exclusively on backgrounds of sections highlighting the most important content.


The brand's illustration style must portray minimalist vector artwork with soft gradients on the most important elements. The illustration style is also characterized by the use of a translucent oval figure as backdrop.


All Iconography on Polyfen's brand applications must belong to the designated icon set, Atom. All icons must be used with fill shapes only, no line strokes.

Preview Atom