Developing our own brand

Brand Research

We started by conducting an exhaustive analysis of our business offering, our industry and competitors, and our audience.

Our conclusion was that most creative agencies position their brands in one of two different ways.

  1. Some creative agencies, the business-oriented, focus on targeting an executive audience with a very sober and simple visual identity.
  2. Other agencies, the peculiarly creative, focus on showcasing their artistic talents gaining popularity amongst the creative industry with a quirky and playful brand.

Based on our business proposal, our conclusion was to position our brand in between (A) the business-oriented and (B) the peculiarly creative.

Brand Strategy


The choice of our brand name, the design of our logo system, and our website, and all the other elements that make up our brand identity are all rooted in representing our creative concept, the midpoint between business & creativity.

We adopted Polyfen as a short, simple, memorable, efficient brand name that also carries whimsical tone as an arbitrary, abstract word with no original meaning.


Visual Identity

All of the elements that constitute our visual identity aim to be as distinctive and playful as possible while remaining clean, simple, and utilitarian as possible.

Ideogram Logo Grid

Our logo system is the centrepiece of our visual identity. It represents the conjunction of two worlds, the world of business and the creative realm. The analytical hemisphere of the brain, and the emotional hemisphere.

Polyfen Wordmark Logo

Our typographic selection features Biotif set on headings and our logo's wordmark, a clean and geometric typeface with a subtle wideness which conveys a playful, creative character; paired with Freight Text Pro, a clean and readable typeface optimal for body text.


The brand's colour palette is characterised by a distinctive, eye-catching accent colour, a vibrant hue between blue and purple that we call Polyfen Indigo.

Our visual language complements the other elements of our visual identity with a system of 3D modelled opalescent objects which we call Pearls. These can be featured in the background of our brand touchpoints as a trademark element that identifies our brand.

Creative Team Illustration

Our visual language also counts with a specific illustration style characterised by simple, geometric shapes set in the brand colours with soft gradients that complement the opalescence of the Pearls.

Brand Guidelines

Polyfen Brand Guidelines

To ensure the consistent use of all the parameters that we have set to identify our brand, we developed a web page with all the corresponding guidelines and assets necessary for our organisation.

Our brand guidelines can be easily updated as our identity grows and evolves, and they are conveniently accessible at

Polyfen Brand Guidelines
Polyfen Proposal Cover

Brand Touchpoints

We designed a system of all the branded applications needed for our business activities; Including email signatures, social media profiles, business cards, letterheads, invoices, and presentation slides.

Polyfen Business Cards Design

Web Development

The centrepiece of our online presence,, features relevant and practical information set in a clean and readable layout with prominent visual elements and interactive animations which offer an engaging and memorable user experience.

Polyfen Mobile Web Design
Polyfen Homepage Web Design

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