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Where Design & Development Click

We are a fully remote tech consultancy that found the sweet spot between elegant design and flawless performance.

From discovery to UX, development, deployment, and maintenance, we help companies translate their vision into digital experiences that bring in the money.

Culture-wise, we’re shaped by R&D. It runs through our hiring, operational, and delivery strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

10+ Years of Experience in Design, Development, & Marketing

Boris Hrnčić

Founder & CEO

Zagreb, Croatia
  • Coding since 2008 and designing brands since 2010.
  • Vetted in the top 3% of designers worldwide by Toptal in 2017.
  • Led high-performing teams for small start-ups and big enterprises in Croatia, Argentina, and the US.

We Wrote the Book on Branding

A step-by-step guide to the Branding process including practical tips, case studies, template files, and many other useful resources.


We Made a Free Solution for Cookies Consent

We developed a simple open-source technology that helps websites comply with privacy protection regulations like GDPR and the California Online Privacy Act.


What Sets us Apart

Excellence through R&D

As a forward-thinking company we explore the latest techologies and nurture professional growth through internal Research & Development projects, like Poly Qwerty and Polykit. That way, our clients count with the advantage of our top-tier talent to beat the competition and never be left behind in an always moving market.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Together we can achieve much more than we ever could alone. We are heavily commited to providing our team with all the tools, resources, and support to maintain a healthy and thriving work environment.

Fully remote since 2018

We can't compete with the comp packages of big tech companies. But where we can compete and win, is in flexibility. That allows us to have the best talent in the world at a sustainable cost.

Transparency is in our DNA

Our Business Plan and Team Wiki are just some of our documentation that is publically available. We also contribute to the open-source software community with public code repositories in Github. We believe that the world of business could learn a lot from the practices and culture of the open-source community.

Exceptional Talent
that Sparks Innovation

Give your business
the power-up it needs

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